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Enclosed on three sides by Hartford ,Princess and King Philip roads. Parking and trail access off King Philip Rd.


0.4 miles of Trail


Flat. Can be very wet after rains.


The Glover property is a wet meadow, one of the few at this elevation in the area. The western part of the property crosses wet grassland and thickets with the help of boardwalks and two small bridges. The eastern half of the property is a drier, mostly open upland field. There has been extensive removal of a heavy invasive plant infiltration which has enabled the start of a campaign to re-introduce native plant species. The Land Trust has begun a native plant garden along the trail just to the right of the trailhead. This population of plants will begin to provide native wildlife with more species -appropriate food and shelter over time. Importantly the garden serves as a reference to all of us as to what may be done in our own yards to contribute to local biodiversity. The property already plays host to an impressive variety of birds and butterflies.