Sad loss for Simsbury

George Hall died Saturday afternoon after a long illness. He was a force in the farming community and respected far beyond the Farmington Valley for his advocacy of farming with minimal use of chemicals, for giving scores of young people the opportunity to learn about farming and for being a pioneer in CSA (community supported agriculture).

He was persistent over a number of years in trying to convince the SLT to help him provide permanent protection for his farm and was ultimately successful. We worked with him for over two years on that project and came to respect his knowledge and sincere commitment to farming in Simsbury.


Simsbury Land Trust is a non-profit conservation organization that protects the rich natural diversity of Simsbury through the ownership of land and conservation easements.

  • It is 750 Simsbury households that, year after year, support its operations through their annual membership donations.
  • It is the three dozen families who have chosen the SLT as the vehicle through which to permanently preserve their beloved land for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • It is the hundreds of families who have not had the land to donate but who have provided over $2.3 million over the past 15 years to help in the acquisition of specific tracts of land.
  • It is the dozens of volunteers who give of their time, skills and effort and who serve as trustees, committee members, stewards, teachers, speakers and guides.
  • It is local businesses and professionals who have donated countless products and services.
  • It is an executive director and a finance and membership director who have spent the last 15 years establishing a level of structure and professionalism without which the organization would not have succeeded.

Because of the Simsbury Land Trust, Rosedale Farms, Tulmeadow Farm and the George Hall Farm are now permanently protected farmland, the Western Ridge and much of the wetlands at its base are protected wildlife corridors, and bobolinks and woodcock are now nesting in the meadows east of the river.

We urge you to visit the trails we maintain on many of our properties and to watch for activities, events and publications that we sponsor. We know you will enjoy the chance to get outdoors, to learn more about the exceptional natural environment here in Simsbury and to meet other people who share your interests. Visit our website often to learn of these and other opportunities. As you get to know us, we hope you will want to become a member and to support the Simsbury Land Trust with an annual membership, an occasional acquisition or stewardship gift, or with a contribution of your time.



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